For Sale by Owner Free Advice!

Hi, my name is Tony English and I am a real estate broker. I want to offer you something that you will think is too good to be true, yet it is. I want to offer you free advice for the sale of your home.

I have over 22 years experience and have sold over 600 homes. I will guide you through selling your home by yourself at no cost whatsoever. Also, to prove my good will, I have included two links that will save you thousands of dollars. The first one is from my title company who offers huge discounts to FISBO’s, (for sale by owners).

This is only good if you sell without an agent. Click the link for the advice from them and the discount. Second, I have included an escrow company that will do your side of the transaction for free! Yes, free! That will save you over one thousand dollars!

Why would I do this? Because I know that a large percentage of FISBO sellers will list with an agent eventually. I hope to prove to you my skill, ability and overall good nature in the process.

And, if you are successful without an agent, and have used my help, you will likely be a friend for life and a source of referrals. Because lets face it, very few people are like you. Very few can list on their own and be successful at closing. Others will need my help..